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通常 超大号的 or heavy 和尴尬 items can’t be adequately protected by 常规的 corrugated cardboard packaging and 需要 of sturdier containers for a safe, secure shipping process. 这些 货物 require more reliable safety measures that can be found in custom-designed crates, 盒子, or wooden shipping containers.

Our Denver custom 装箱 and shipping specialists choose from a variety of shipping options, basing their decision on the 需要s of the item being shipped. 这些 需要s may include the item’s load weight, dimensions, value, 其他 characteristics necessary to make an educated determination regarding their packaging, 装箱, shipment requirements

然而, we understand that it takes much more than just the container itself to ensure a safe, successful shipping experience. This is why we are well versed in providing the perfect internal wood structures to match. Some of these structures include load-bearing members, saddles, 缓冲, 其他 supports as 需要ed.

思考 内部 这个盒子

An其他 factor we address is how to secure the item within the crate or box, or onto a skid or pallet. Bolting, blocking, bracing, steel strapping are just some of the options 我们使用. When items are shipped in one of our high-quality custom shipping containers, we select the appropriate securing methods and incorporate 他们 into the design and manufacturing very beginning of the customized process.

Because of our vast packaging and shipping experience, our Denver wooden 装箱 team will tailor your shipping crate to whatever your item is, wherever your item’s going. We can ensure that your specific container will possess the treated wood 需要ed for international shipping, meeting all codes and regulations for an efficient entry into the final destination. 

Fully Tailored Wood 装箱 Solutions

In-depth knowledge of container styles, internal blocking and bracing structures, securement methods is essential to the safe shipment of any item. We help you find the ideal enclosure for your items, capitalizing on our extensive expertise in:

Our custom shipping containers are tried and true and our Denver Craters & 十大网赌靠谱信誉平台 specialists know exactly how to get your valuables where they’re going, no matter how fragile, 敏感的, 超大号的, or hazardous. We work with an array of clientele and businesses who trust us to get their belongings where they 需要 to be quickly and smartly. Our custom wooden shipping crates and 盒子 are built to offer the personal support and security your item 需要s. 

We know that a one-size-fits-all 装箱 solution will never work. In order to gain the utmost protection, our crates 需要 to match the size and shape of the specific item it’s being built for. This is the only way to provide the necessary safety throughout the unpredictable shipping process. 

We have comprehensive shipping services, 技术, logistic teams, skills that make any shipping project run smoothly, providing peace of mind and accountability. Call us to learn more about how Craters & 十大网赌靠谱信誉平台 Denver can reliably get your items packaged and shipped just about anywhere in the world.

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